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You can now have the acclaimed Trail Guide to the Body musculoskeletal anatomy information with AnatomyMapp ® -- an interactive musculoskeletal anatomy application for Android or Apple mobile devices.

This tool allows you to study and be tested on the same bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and movements of the body information and illustrations found in the Trail Guide to the Body flashcards.





NOW WITH 12 ADDITIONAL VIDEOS! The PalpationMapp® app provides a detailed high-definition visual guide to identifying and palpating 91 essential muscles. This fun and explorative journey is led by the acclaimed author of Trail Guide to the Body, Andrew Biel.


BodyMapp App Bundle


Get two apps in one! This app bundle combines the best of musculoskeletal anatomy (AnatomyMapp) and palpation (PalpationMapp) information. All content is from the acclaimed Trail Guide to the Body textbook and palpation videos.