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Complimentary downloadable instructor tools are available for school programs that require Trail Guide to the Body.

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BOD Powerpoints


Our PowerPoint tools will make your
classroom presentations visually dynamic and clear.

Tips and Activities

Looking for some fresh teaching ideas? Check out these tips and activities developed by our author, Andrew Biel, as well as your fellow instructors.

BOD Instructor Tips & Activities

Instructor's Manual

With exercises, insights and lesson tips, our Instructor's Manual is your go-to resource for teaching palpatory anatomy.

Instructor Manual

BOD Curricula


Our curriculum is based on the Trail Guide to the Body textbook. This detailed lesson plan can be customized based on your program's needs.

Image Library

More than 600 illustrations from Trail Guide to the Body are available to enhance your classroom presentations.

BOD Image Library

Examview Test Bank

Create customized tests in just a few keystrokes with the Trail Guide Instructor Test Bank developed for the ExamView® Assessment

BOD Examview Test Bank

Trail Guide bundles

Trail Guide Bundles

You can now order Trail Guide bundles that are shrink-wrapped and easily ordered with just one ISBN.

Palpation Videos

More than 50 palpation videos covering 91 muscles are available to visually reinforce the palpation lessons in Trail Guide to the Body

Palpation Videos

Instructor Videos

Instructor Videos

These video guides provide step-by-step directions for using some of our incredible instructor tools.