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If you are unable to find an answer to your question please contact us by phone (800) 775-9227, ext. 0 or email Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm (Mountain Standard Time.)

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Q: My DVD is scratched and/or damaged and will not play. How do I request a replacement disc?
A: Please email to request a replacement DVD. Please be sure to include your mailing address. Another option is that if you have a 4th or 5th edition of Trail Guide to the Body you can register on our e-XPLORE student section and stream the palpation videos.

Q:I’m using Windows 8 and the DVD won’t play. What do you suggest?
A: If you are using Windows 8, CLICK HERE to install the necessary software to play DVD’s.Another option is that if you have a 4th or 5th edition of Trail Guide to the Body you can register on our e-XPLORE student section and stream the palpation videos.


Books of Discovery eBookQ: Where do I find my redemption code?
A: After you complete the checkout on our website you will be directed to a web page that will list your redemption code(s). If you have closed this web page, please email to request the redemption code. Please include your Order ID number and order date.

Q: How do I redeem my eBook code?
A: The first step is to create a user account with VitalSource. You can create an account here: Once you are logged in to you redeem your code under the “My Account” tab in the upper right. You may access your eBook on this website anywhere you have Internet access.

Q: How do I read my eBook offline?
A: Please visit the VitalSource Download Page and select the appropriate download for your computer or tablet device.

Still need assistance? Please contact VitalSource 24/7 Tech Support at (855) 200-4146.



Please note that we do not provide technical support for Apple or Android devices. Apple users CLICK HERE. Android users CLICK HERE to get assistance.

Q: I have purchased one of your apps and it is not appearing on my device. What can I do?
A: Most likely the download did not complete due to a weak Wi-Fi connection. Please try to install the app again when you are in a location with a strong Wi-Fi connection. Apple and Google also provide technical support. Apple users CLICK HERE. Android users CLICK HERE

Q: I have purchased one of your apps twice. How do a request a refund?
A: Depending on your device, refunds must be issued directly from iTunes or Google Play. Apple users please call Apple support at (800) 692-7753. Android users please CLICK HERE.

Student Online Resources (e-XPLORE)

Student Online ResourcesQ: How do I access the Student Online Resources (e-XPLORE?)
A:CLICK HERE to create a user account so you can log into e-XPLORE.

Q: Is there a fee to access e-XPLORE?
A: Access is free to students/practitioners who have purchased theTrail Guide to the Body textbook.

Q: I forgot my password to login. How do I get a new one?
A:CLICK HERE to reset your password.


Instructor/Educator (review/desk copies)

Q: How do I request a review copy of your materials?
A:CLICK HERE to request review materials.

Q: I have adopted Trail Guide to the Body for my class. How do I request a desk copy?
A:CLICK HERE to request desk copy materials.

Instructor/Educator (instructor tools)

Click here to watch an overview of our Instructor Tools.

Q: How do I access your downloadable Instructor Tools?
A: You must requireTrail Guide to the Body in your class/program in order to access the Instructor Tools. CLICK HERE to request access to the Instructor Tools.

Q: I don’t require Trail Guide to the Body.Can I still purchase your Instructor Tools for supplemental use?
A: You may purchase our PowerPoint presentations individually. The remaining Instructor Tools are not available for purchase.

Q: I forgot my password to login. How do I get a new one?
A:CLICK HERE to reset your password.


Trail Guide to the Body PowerpointsQ: How do I make the images from your PowerPoint slides appear?
A: For PC users, CLICK HERE to view our tutorial. For MAC users, follow these instructions:

Q: My PowerPoint presentation won’t print properly. What can I do?
A: Make sure your printer setting is set for “Color” and not “Grayscale”. Even if your printer is not a color printer the setting needs to be set to “Color” otherwise the images from the slides will not print.

Q: How can I edit and customize the Trail Guide PowerPoint slides?
A: Within most of the slides there is an area that will display “Text”. You may type any text you want in this area, however, you cannot change the text that is attached to the illustration itself. If you find you need more customization please consider our Image Library as another option. The Image Library contains jpeg files of the illustration without any text or graphics.

ExamView Test Bank

Exam View Test BankPlease watch our Trail Guide to the Body ExamView tutorial here.

Q: When I download the ExamView file, all that is showing up is EV Player.
How can I fix this?

A: When only the EV Player shows up, this usually means the download did not complete. We recommend that you try to download the ExamView file again. The size of the file is ~218 MB which will typically take 3 to 6 minutes to download. If the download finishes in less than 30 seconds you will need to try again. If you have tried to download the file multiple times without success please call us at (800) 775-9227 so we can assist you in troubleshooting the problem.

Q: I’ve downloaded and installed ExamView but I cannot find my Test Banks. What can I do?
A:CLICK HERE for instructions on how to locate your Test Banks.

Q: How do I use ExamView?
A: You may find our video tutorial helpful

ExamView is a product made by Turning Technologies. They have created several tutorials to walk you through their test generator and other products. To view online tutorials CLICK HERE. Turning Technologies also has an online Knowledge Base where you can find answers to your questions and get in touch with their technical support.

Wholesale Ordering

Q: Do you offer wholesale discounts?
A: Yes. Please email to request a copy of our wholesale price list. Please be sure to include your company name.

Q: How do I purchase wholesale on your website?
A: If you are a new customer, please call (800) 775-9227 or EMAIL us to set up your account. If you are an existing customer, we suggest you EMAIL us your purchase order. You should receive a confirmation email from us. You can also EMAIL us to request a login and password to access our wholesale pricing in our shopping cart.

International Ordering

Q: I live in Canada and don’t see my country listed in your shopping cart. What are my options?
A: If you are ordering a physical product that needs to be shipped, we recommend you contact one of our Canadian Distributors to save on shipping and custom/brokerage fees you would have to pay if you order directly from Books of Discovery. If you are ordering an eBook/digital product just select “United States” as the country during check out.

Q: How do I become a distributor of your products outside of the United States?
A: Please email Jack, our Customer Service Director, for more information.