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Andrew Biel & Robin DornOur Author and Illustrator

Andrew Biel is a licensed massage practitioner and the author of Trail Guide to the Body: A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more. He has served on the faculties of Boulder College of Massage Therapy and Seattle Massage School and has taught Cadaver Studies for Bodyworkers at Bastyr Naturopathic University. He lives outside of Lyons, Colorado, with his family — Lyn, Grace and Elias.

In 2011 Andrew received the Massage Therapy Foundation's Humanitarian Award for his dedication to advancing the massage therapy profession. Shortly after the award presentation, Andrew wrote a piece on why he gives back to the profession. A write-up the presentation can be found here.

Robin Dorn is an artist, illustrator and licensed massage practitioner. She is the illustrator of Trail Guide to the Body: A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more. She specializes in bodywork illustration, natural history and medieval imagery and exhibits on the West Coast and in France.

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2016 Advisory Council Members

Leading professionals from fields such as Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Massage Therapy, Pilates and Yoga lend their expertise as members of our Advisory Council. These educators, authors, and manual therapists provide highly valued feedback and suggestions that help us to provide the most current and effective educational resources in Surface Anatomy, Kinesiology and Palpation.

Several Advisory Council members have served for years — and we invite new members annually to keep abreast of the latest innovations in education and technologies for content delivery. These Advisory Council members deserve the recognition from many disciplines for their guidance, which enables Books of Discovery to provide exceptional educational resources.

This year's Advisory Council members:

Rick Rosen • Maj-Lis Nash • Lurana Bain • Joe Lubow • Debra Curties • Barbara Behrens • Tom Myers • Robert Stow • Dale Cannavan • Ellen Saltonstall • Susan McGowen • Nora St. John • Vic Liberi • Tedd Girouard • Su Bibik • Errol Toran • Susanne Higgins • Eric Fuchs • Katie Flanagan • Shad St. Louis • Allen Moore • Lisa Nelson • Marnie Vanden Noven • Ann Crammond • John Morgan • Jim Donak • Jeffrey Simancek • Mike Tevald • Adrienne Asta • Shane Koppenhaver