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Instructors want solutions to these concerns—and Trail Guide to the Body is their answer. It’s the most effective way to lead students step-by-step to mastering palpation and surface anatomy. For more than a decade, in 1700 manual therapy programs, Trail Guide has proven to be the gold standard in educational resources for anatomy and palpation.

Student and teacher-friendly, systematic, comprehensive, and effective, Trail Guide to the Body will take your program to new heights. Check out our student resources and discover the many ways we make learning happen.

In addition, our extensive line of complimentary instructor tools allows you to clarify your objectives, create specific lesson plans and deliver the material in a way that accelerates and reinforces students' learning.

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Want to adopt Trail Guide to Movement
for your program?

Trail Guide to Movement is now available! This book explores how bones, fasciae, joints, muscles, and other structures come together to produce human movement.

Similar in tone toTrail Guide to the Body, this introductory text is a fun, creative, and participatory approach to human movement. A number of instructor resources are available for this textbook.